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More than once every Preston Guild

Taking place every 20 years, once every generation, Preston Guild celebrates the city’s 800 year-old guild-charter status.

In 2012 the festival was envisioned as ‘the best yet’, fostering new partnerships and seeding a new understanding of the vital role of culture in place-making and tourism. From this a bold ambition grew to creatively re-imagine the city and it’s cultural tourism appeal.

And Preston is a city ripe for re-imagining, combining a rich architectural heritage, a fast-growing cultural and creative industries scene, an ambitious University and the Harris Museum & Art Gallery with its surprising and visionary approach to contemporary art programming.

“The words that come to mind when I think of Creative Tourist are - intelligence, insight, rigour, passion. Their wealth of experience and sector knowledge is outstanding. These are not reports to be put on a shelf but rather toolkits to inform activities.

Alex Walker
Harris Museum and Art Gallery (ex)

Delivered in a series of mini-phases to incrementally build stakeholder engagement and local partnerships, our early strategic work in Preston has supplied some of the groundwork for that re-imagining.

One outcome has been the Preston Cultural Framework, a mechanism to bring together a range of priorities and partners, including new voices essential to place-making, such as the city’s independent creative sector.

It’s a framework to dynamically re-imagine Preston in the here and now, rather than once every Preston Guild, the charmingly adopted local phrase for a rare, but extremely welcome event.


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