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Turning from rare highlights to ongoing appeal

Torbay… the English Riviera, with some great cultural assets and tourism brands. But how to knit these together into a cultural tourism strategy that works for the arts, hoteliers and fits in an events and attractions portfolio across a bay of three towns?

For Torbay, our research suggested that the brave approach might be to focus less on the high-risk, high-investment capital projects, and more on creating bolder and more compelling product with what is already there in the bay – for residents as well as locals.

Our intervention is helping the key agencies to come together to look at how culture can add value and distinctiveness to the brand, how digital can grow the market, and what to do next and who should do it.



"Creative Tourist taught me so much about my own destination. Their insights were both so obvious and so surprising. They combine razor sharp minds with decades of experience and an irresistible enthusiasm for their work. Their study has significantly informed our new Tourism Strategy.”

Kate Farmery, Executive Director, Torbay Culture Board

We developed a ‘call to action’:

  • be yourself, only better
  • connect to what matters locally and engage residents and stakeholders in the cultural offer
  • being bold doesn’t by default mean being big or costly
  • look beyond the bay, infact behind, to nearby cities and resorts for stronger cultural tourism traction
  • let artists take the lead in developing culture-led tourism events
  • invest in digital platforms and capacity

and on the back of this we produced scalable options for investment in programming and positioning, routes to maximise the cultural assets and build national and international cultural producer partnerships.


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