The rise of a northern cultural powerhouse

In 2009 we launched, the independent, cultural voice of the city, and the first in a series of tourism marketing initiatives that have supported the city’s cultural growth and its enhanced international reputation. Manchester was recently awarded Lonely Planet Top 10 City Destination 2016.

Our initial commissioning client was the Manchester Museums and Galleries Consortium, and since then, channeling Manchester’s collaborative spirit and infectious energy, we now count a diverse range of cultural organisations, tourism agencies, networks, hoteliers and universities in our cultural destination partnership.

“For me for some time now, all roads have been leading to Manchester”

Jeremy Deller,
Turner Prize winner

Extending the scope and influence of Manchester’s cultural voice requires an embedded, cross-sector approach: sharing messages and itineraries for international PR and familiarisation trips, converting academic tourists to leisure and culture, and developing new ways of connecting and experiencing the city’s cultural offer such as Manchester Weekender, Wonder Women and Manchester After Hours.

Our work in Manchester involves hands-on delivery and is a live testing-ground for the Creative Tourist Consults model and approach. The latest example of this is Culture Hosts, our new B2B portal and training programme that helps develop the cultural confidence and knowledge of visitor-facing colleagues in hotels and other frontline centres, currently being piloted with Marketing Manchester and supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts.


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