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London’s brilliant parade: why try harder when you’re No.1?

In 2015 London was announced as the most visited destination in the world. No.1. Top dog. Job done?

Not quite.

At present 90% of London’s visitors follow the path of least resistance to the top 20 attractions. With Time Out listing some 150,000 events across 55,000 venues in the city daily, the clear challenge is to encourage people to strike out, to discover and more fully explore the incredible depth and diversity of the London experience.

“It is important that London is the best experience in the world, that it is the attack brand for the UK, but it needs to be much more multi-layered.”

James Berresford
(ex) Chief Executive, Visit England

In response to this challenge we produced a new vision for the city, now being propagated through publications, networks, campaigns, workshops and toolkits.

Brimming with distinctiveness and authenticity it’s a vision that makes tourists feel like Londoners, and Londoners discover their city anew as visitors. It’s a vision that responds to the market’s increasing demands for immersive experiences and surprising niche discoveries and the need to create and share content inspired by those experiences.

We are continuing to work with the Mayor of London’s Culture Team and partners to help deliver the workshops, toolkits and network events that will build parter engagement and drive the market forward.


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