14-18 NOW

Fashion & Freedom

14-18 NOW is a five-year programme designed to connect people with the First World War though a series of extraordinary arts experiences, Fashion & Freedom at Manchester Art Gallery was one such experience; an exhibition of new fashion and film inspired by the huge change in women’s lives and work during the First World War. With contributions from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Sadie Williams and SHOWstudio, 14-18 NOW identified this commission as an opportunity to connect with younger audiences.

We came on board and created an innovative marketing campaign which both raised the profile of the exhibition in Manchester’s cultural calendar and worked extra hard to reach those younger audiences. Working closely with Manchester Art Gallery’s staff, we helped maximise their existing communications strengths and identify opportunities to try new things.

We wanted to bring the Gallery’s existing audiences closer to the artists, and new audiences into the Gallery. Collaborating with SHOWstudio and designer Sadie Williams, a series of Instagram takeovers were curated to showcase the outstanding work of the artists and the story behind it. Sharing this exclusive digital content with the Gallery’s followers as well as SHOWstudio’s and Sadie’s brought it to wider and more diverse audiences than we could working in isolation.

This collaborative approach is one we use throughout our portfolio, bringing it to the digital sphere is one the many ways it can work.


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