The re-emergence of a cultural gem

Ahhh, Blackpool – The Tower, roller coasters, donkeys, piers and arcades, variety shows, hen parties, the definitive British seaside town, that’s now a little past its prime?

Well no, actually far from it, Blackpool has a surprisingly dynamic and innovative cultural offer, nestled cuckoo-like in and around its iconic buildings and public spaces. For us the opportunity was to inject some of this contemporary dynamism into building the town’s reputation as a cultural destination, whilst retaining the confidence, fun and showmanship of its traditional tourist welcome.

“Art made on local bus routes, punk performed at the top of the tower and a promenade awash with mohawks – Blackpool’s cultural scene has plenty to offer.”

Insider Guides, the Guardian

At its heart, this was a repositioning task, and we brought the key players together to collaborate on branding, programming, marketing activities for the town.

We supported using not only the town’s iconic buildings and landmarks as a stage for contemporary culture and signature events, but also its parks, the promenade, the Pleasure Beach and its natural vistas.

By building confidence in its cultural offer, Blackpool has successfully begun to change out-dated perceptions as to how it is viewed as a destination. The exciting and place-changing work of LeftCoast, the designated Creative People and Places project for Blackpool, is a compelling testament to that shift.


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