Bristol and Bath

A complementary partnership

Getting one city to work together for a greater cause is a challenge, but getting two neighbouring cities to sit together at the same table is no mean feat. Bristol and Bath is the first and only two-city partnership to receive Arts Council England Cultural Destinations funding in a group of ten consortia.

Sharing our knowledge from other cities across the UK, we’ve been mentoring this growing partnership between Bristol and Bath, two cities only minutes away from each other by train, that offer different, yet complementary experiences. Experiences which make a two-city visit an innovative and attractive option for the cultural tourist.

Our work has involved running training workshops and undertaking research and digital analysis to help the partners to decide where to focus their energies.

The Bristol and Bath Art Weekender continues to raise its cultural ambition on the back of a growing confidence in collaboration – and our digital analysis has identified a range of opportunities for organisations to make local events and attractions more accessible to a wider range of online audiences.


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