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Dan Lukas

Dan's work translates online audience data into clear insights, actions and learnings that lead to better digital decisions and returns on investment.

Dan Lukas


Over the past decade, Dan has worked across a wide digital space, shaping SEO strategies for multi-national travel brands, managing PPC advertising campaigns for cultural venues, and delivering websites for major arts organisations. But he started in digital as an analyst – a role that defines his work to this day.

Dan’s approach centres on what he sees as the key questions of digital engagement: How do brands reach and attract online audiences, and which promotions provide the best returns? How do they involve people with their offers and motivate them to buy, book, or visit? And how can brands build more sustainable business or funding models by extending engagement through retention and referral?

Dan believes that the best way to answer these questions is with comprehensive, timely, and accurate data about how audiences actually behave, combined with an experimental methodology that emphasises constant iteration. To that end, he works closely with clients to help translate their audience data into clear insights, straightforward actions, and learnings that inform better digital decisions.


Skills & Knowledge

Analytics, digital marketing, engagement strategy, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media


BA, Dip. Ed.


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