11 April 2017

A tale of two cities…and one mentor

Creative Tourist has been genuinely creative in all aspects of its dealings with this Project – not only in the answers it proffers, but also in the questions it asks. The usual consultant – client relationship is much more of a partnership of equals to undertake a collaborative and imaginative exploration of the issues together. It has been a real and rare pleasure to work with a team that understands the balance between the commercial imperative and a passion for arts and culture.

Martin Pople, Project Coordinator, Bristol & Bath Cultural Destinations

We like the definition of mentoring that says ‘a mentor is a person who has a sincere desire to enhance the success of others.’ Over the course of two years Helen worked closely with the Project Coordinator and partners of the Bristol and Bath Cultural Destinations First Round programme in a mentoring capacity, sharing learnings, providing advice and generally supporting the development of the consortia. Helen spent time in both cities getting to know the people and places to help in shaping the work programme, deliver training on cultural tourism and support wider advocacy with public and private sector partners.

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