5 May 2017

Bristol and Bath Residents Weekend, powered by Culture Hosts

In the first weekend of May, cultural organisations across Bristol and Bath offered free tickets to residents and invited them to ‘live like a tourist’. As part of our continuing work with Bristol & Bath Cultural Destinations Consortium, we used Culture Hosts, our digital collaboration platform, to gather event information from multiple partners and power listings on the Residents Weekend Website.

Culture Hosts is a well-established tool in Manchester’s cultural landscape, with more than 300 arts organisations and tourism businesses now using Culture Hosts to share their event listings and venue information. Culture Hosts has powered creativetourist.com for nine months but this is the first example of it being used to power event listings on another website – and the first time partners outside Greater Manchester have used it as a collaboration platform.

Culture Hosts will continue to play a key part in collaboration and discovery in Bristol and Bath, powering the soon-to-be-launched Explore More website, a new shared portal for arts and culture in the cities.

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